Project Description



PhillyEarth is our STEAM-based environmental education, urban farming, and agricultural workforce development program for young people ages 9-19. PhillyEarth operates out of a teaching farm built on The Village’s campus; the curriculum focuses on Permaculture and Appropriate Technologies.


Program Initiatives


PhillyEarth operates based upon three core principles:

EarthCare – caring for all living and non-living things, be they plant, animal, soil or water; PeopleCare – caring for one another to meet basic needs of food, shelter, education, employment and social support; and FairShare – contributing time, money and energy to achieve the goals of the first two principles.

PhillyEarth students range from ages 9-19. Students can earn sustainability badges by participating in after-school and summer classes in Permaculture (composting, companion planting) and Appropriate Technologies (rocket stove construction, rainwater collection) taught by PhillyEarth faculty. Students help maintain the PhillyEarth Demonstration Farm, create organic home and beauty products and work at the PhillyEarth Farmer’s Market.

Philly Earth Guardians Say

“How can we take care of each other if we can’t take care of the earth?”

 — Mikal Watson, 14

PhillyEarth addresses this question head-on: teach young people to be good stewards of the earth and they will become good stewards of their neighbors, their families and themselves.

Featured in Grid Philly Magazine

“PhillyEarth fosters risk-taking and resilience in North Philadelphia”

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