Community Sustainability Leaders

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This program is currently in re-development. 

What: Philly Earth participants can complete project-based learning challenges to earn badges and become Community Sustainability Leaders. The curriculum teaches permaculture and appropriate technologies (advanced subjects typically not taught during primary school). Participants who advance through 6 badges may be hired as co-leaders of community workshops and courses. Participants wear these badges with an unprecedented display of pride and “cool.”

Why: Community Sustainability Leaders test and deepen their hands-on STEM skills, and develop a shared vision of community with their fellow youth leaders. teaches young people how to care for the Earth beginning with their own community.

Who: This program is open to Village Industries students (high school age students).

How: The CSLP curriculum divides urban environmental concerns into six modules. Each module focuses on three levels of impact and relevance: individual, community and world and includes classroom learning and hands-on activities at the PhillyEarth Demonstration Farm.

Community Sustainability Leaders Badges

  • Module 1 – Sustainable Energy Solutions (Energizer Badge)
    • Students will learn about development and application of clean and renewable energy, as well as appropriate technologies to enhance energy efficiency.
    • Students will construct a solar cooker, solar water stills and a bicycle powered generator.
  • Module 2 – Sustainable Agriculture Solutions (Grow Badge)
    • Students will learn about sustainable urban agriculture. Students will engage in companion planting, integrated pest management and bio intensive gardening.
  • Module 3 – Water Conservation (Water Badge)
    • Students will learn the ways in which water can be used and managed as a sustainable resource to protect and conserve the water environment. Students will create/observe rain gardens and rainwater catchment systems.
  • Module 4 – Waste Reduction and Re-Use (Zero-Waste Badge)
    • Students will learn the economic and environmental benefits of reducing and re-using waste. Students will engage in various composting techniques, including vermicomposting.
  • Module 5 – Sustainable Construction Techniques (Smart Build Badge)
    • Students will learn about a building’s life cycle of buildings, as well as design and construction processes that responsibly and efficiently utilize resources.
    • Students will visit and explore the PhillyEarth Earthship Greenhouse and Palette Shed.
  • Module 6 – Material Up-Cycling (Up-Cycle Badge)
    • Students will learn the value of converting waste or otherwise unusable materials into new items. Students will fabricate everyday objects with repurposed materials