Our Programs

The Village is the largest provider of free arts, cultural, social and environmental programs to residents of our 260-square block area target area of North Philadelphia bordered by 5th and Broad Streets, and Diamond and Allegheny Streets. Our programs seek to build and support Civic Power, Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization, and Youth Leadership.

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The Details

How We Work

All our programs and projects follow these three steps:

  • Generate Questions – We start from what we’ve heard, seen, or learned through trusted community relationships.
  • Deepen Understanding – We assemble a team community members, artists, designers, and organizers who using art-based, participatory research to interrogate the question.
  • Respond, Reflect, Refine, Re-up – We design a new strategy, or refine something that exists, seeking boldness in our ideas no matter how simple or complex the challenge. We quick-start, test, refine, and then redefine the challenge—over and over again.

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