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SPACES Artist-in-Residence

The SPACES Artist in Residence Program (2013-2018) brought artists and community members together to create unique arts-based responses to neighborhood opportunities and challenges.



Our nationally-recognized SPACES residency invited outstanding artists from around the world to live and work on our campus in North Philadelphia.

Artists partnered with teams of paid community collaborators to identify local gifts and challenges and create projects in response. And in 2017, the discoveries made through SPACES led us to create the Civic Power Studio, which now houses our artist residency opportunities.

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Designing Together

The SPACES Artist in Residence Program at the Village of Arts and Humanities honors the Village’s 30-year legacy of collaboration between artists and North Philadelphia residents. Take a look at our first season of artist residencies, with Amber Art and Design, the People’s Paper Co-op and King Britt. Film by Ming Media.


SPACES Projects ranged from The Village Table, a pop-up restaurant in one of our unique art parks, to re-entry advocacy project The People’s Paper Co-op, now a full Village program; from Material Memory, a large-scale contemporary art exhibit, to Places of Power, a film and VR project that allows visitors to see the neighborhood through the eyes of brilliant local civic leaders rather than negative media stereotypes.

For a full project gallery, please visit the SPACES website.