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What: The Power Lab offers year-round, arts-forward civic education workshops. These are co-taught and informed by community members, and focus on capacity building and personal resilience to build, drive, amplify, and support civic power in our neighborhood.

Why: The Power Lab builds and develops meaningful relationships with people in our communities based on shared values and common concerns. Our goal is to build a citizenry that is organized and able to demand change and hold powerholders accountable for making our communities safer.

Who: All Power Lab workshops are open to community members who currently live in, or who still have strong familial ties to, the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood; some Power Lab workshops are open to Philadelphia at large. We partner with community members, popular educators, advocacy groups, and experts citywide to develop and deliver workshops.

How: Workshops are done popular education style, where we are all teachers and all learners. Every workshop includes media in some way. Past sessions have included Tenant Rights 101, “How City Council Really Works,” and hands-on crisis first aid training.

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