Project Description

Lu Thain

Manager, PhillyEarth

Lu is a born and raised Philadelphian with an invested interest in healing the relationship between people and the natural world.

As a natural builder, by way of sustainable means and methods, Lu has had hands in projects to create education centers, greenhouses, cob ovens, tiny homes, etc., both locally and in the American Southwest, California, Hawaii and elsewhere, occasionally teaching workshops on the subject. As a promoter of sustainability and the use of renewable resources, Lu has trained in solar energy design/installation and energy efficient home design. Lu has long had an overarching focus on space and place making, home and hearth, growth and change. She is also a licensed real estate agent, property rehabber, manager and an active advocate of larger scale food production in our urban communities. She has worked with The Village and PhillyEarth in various capacities since 2014.



“PhillyEarth fosters risk-taking and resilience in North Philadelphia”

As seen in GRID Magazine:“The cob oven, hand-built from Warnock Street clay, was nearly finished when it suddenly collapsed. Jon Hopkins, Director of the PhillyEarth project thought, “Oh my god, this took us four days to build.” His crew of neighborhood kids saw his stricken look and said, “What are you worried about? We got this. We’ll be back tomorrow and we’re gonna build it again.”