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CRED Philly Magazine

CRED Philly is an arts and culture publication dedicated to amplifying the voice and vision of Philadelphia’s young artists, writers, performers and activists.


CRED by the numbers

Youth Artworks Published
Paid in Stipends for Participating Youth
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It’s called CRED for a reason.

The Village’s award winning CRED Magazine, currently on hiatus, is an arts and culture magazine showcasing youth artists. The twist — the magazine is also written, curated and produced entirely by a network of creators under 25 years old.

These artists from across the Philadelphia region put the magazine together with guidance from creative mentors at The Village. One-third of CRED’s total budget is paid out to youth staff and contributing artists.

Published on a shoestring budget of $13,500, the quality of CRED Magazine rivals that of professional art publications and fuels Philly’s young creative economy by awarding publishing honoraria to all contributors and sales commission to a small team of advertising sales representatives, all of whom are under the age of 25 as well.

CRED Pop-up Store

In June 2012, the magazine launched CRED OnSite with a pop-up store at 325 South Street.

The pop-up store served as: a gallery featuring hundreds of works by young Philly artists including 2D and 3D visual art, apparel, and jewelry; a second work space; and an event space for young Philly to present, perform and gather. The store sold more than $4k of youth artwork, with profits going directly to the artists, and provided stipend-based internships to 11 teens and young adults. On October 31, 2013, CRED closed the South Street and continues to feature events and shows based on prior success at the South Street location in pop-up locations around the city.