Project Description

Jeanette Lloyd

Senior Manager, Special Projects

Jeanette is an artist and cultural producer who choreographs complex projects while centering connections.

Jeanette Lloyd has been a Philadelphian since 2001 by way of Reading, PA, holding her BA in Media Studies from Temple University and AA in Fine Arts from Community College of Philadelphia. In the past, she has been an experimental art maker, stylist, costume designer, makeup artist, interior and exterior decorator, handywoman and was probably one of the first ‘carefree black girls’ some people ever met. She created the LiveGirls Brand as an extension of her personal fashion and home decoration style.

A Marketing and Events professional for 15+ years, her impact as a Cultural Producer in Philadelphia is notable. From intimate gatherings to the programming of full on festivals featuring world-class artists or cutting edge technology, her deep passion for organizing people, places and things is always on full display. Galvanized by the quarantine, Jeanette and eight of her closest friends plan to self-publish a children’s book entitled, “Who Botter Otter” in the Fall of 2021. Jeanette is currently the Senior Manager of Special Projects at The Village of Arts & Humanities located in the distressed Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of North Philadelphia where she hopes to contribute good energy and ideas to The Village’s existing sanctuary from the violent machinery that is the current economic, criminal justice and educational systems and hopes to fuel a sustainable collective future.