Nextgen Village

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At A Glance

What: NextGen Village is our community-centered campus revitalization plan. Between 2020-2022, we’ll undertake significant renovations to sustain The Village of Arts and Humanities as the primary arts-based community development institution in the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Why: 30 years ago, our founders couldn’t predict The Village would become an anchor organization in our neighborhood. Today, we know our space needs to last not only for another 3 decades, but another 100 years. Our programs are outgrowing our buildings, and our parks need to be preserved to continue to offer beauty and inspiration to all our visitors.

Who: Village Leadership, staff, board, and community members developed the NextGen Village plan together.

How: Keep an eye out here for news and photos of our pending changes! During 2020-22, our goals are to:

  • Make our campus more accessible and usable by updating and expanding aging facilities, parks and infrastructure.
  • Support our neighbors in activating Village parks and gardens for community-led events and programs.
  • Create a cleaner and greener campus by implementing efficient energy solutions.