Impact Studios invites youth to try new art forms for big impact

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What: Impact Studios is a free after-school and summer program for youth in 5th through 8th grades. Youth engage in project-based courses taught by professional artists across a variety of artistic disciplines.

Why: For some students, this program serves as a stepping-stone to Village Industries. For others, it serves as a low-risk engagement opportunity to explore their creativity and build relationships with other youth and trusted adults.

Who: Young people who are interested in exploring new art forms but unsure about an extended internship commitment.

How: An Impact Studios photography class will explore the concept of self-portraiture over the course of a semester. Students will learn the basics of digital photography and the history of self-portraiture and then compose their own self-portraits. The class culminates with an exhibit at the end-of-semester showcase.


[When I referred students to The Village,] “I noticed a growth in their maturity and responsibility levels. The Village helped them get involved outside of themselves. One student got really into photography and got so good at it, he started taking pictures at our school events and working on the yearbook. It really helped him blossom.”

 — Antonio Romero, Kensington Health Sciences Academy Community Schools Coordinator

Classes: Winter 2019/2020

Music Production

Interns will learn how to creatively build songs and soundscapes. Using methods such as: using music creation in a writing and live performance setting, drum programming, instrument/sound arrangement. We will be visiting several recording studios with in the Philly area, as well as sitting in on performers’ sound checks.

Fashion Design

Students will learn how to do fashion sketches, flats, and trend research in order to design looks for themselves and others in the class. They then learn to take measurements, draft patterns, mark and cut fabric, make a muslin mock up, and sew a professionally finished garment. Throughout the class students are challenged to design accessories, create pitches, and add to their portfolio.


Students will explore the artistic, technical, and business aspects of photography. The class will include learning camera basics such as F/stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, white balance, etc. They will also learn how to properly use Lightroom and Photoshop software. Throughout the class, students will implement their knowledge in a series of creative projects.


Students will be challenged with physical conditioning for warm ups to start class that will improve muscle strength and stamina. We will work to develop the following skills: balance, spatial awareness, range of motion, stage presence, ensemble work and musicality to name a few.

Monuments, Anti-Monuments, and Me

Monuments, Anti-Monuments and Me is a studio art course in which students consider what has been memorialized in monuments and what themes and perspectives they would like to add to public art in the city of Philadelphia. Students will use a variety of media and techniques to create sculptures. Techniques include additive and subtractive sculpture, the creation of armatures, relief sculpture, and mold making. Media include paper mache, modeling clay, plaster and household objects. Students will learn about historic and contemporary public art and work individually and collaboratively to create free-standing and relief sculptures.

Village Clay Workshop

This class encourages students of all skill levels to learn basic hand-building techniques and surface decoration methods in making functional and non functional ceramics and mosaics. This is an opportunity to start your personal conversation with clay in a safe and supportive studio. We will explore ceramics as a way to develop personal symbols that convey meaning influenced by current and historic cultural styles, while solving authentic problems. Students will become more confident creatives, comfortable with their originality, competent in their craftsmanship and astute at problem solving.