Generator Residency

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What: The Generator Residency brings together neighbors, artists and field experts to research, design, and beta-test community wealth-building strategies for the neighborhood.

Why: Community wealth building is an anti-gentrification and financial resilience strategy. When people experience greater financial resilience, they are better able to withstand temporary unemployment or illness and off-stay more permanent vulnerabilities like evictions and food insecurity. We believe financially resilient families lead to safer communities.

Who: Residencies are for any community members who currently live in, or who still have strong familial ties to, the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood. Field experts and artists will be selected through referral.

How: Each cohort will select an issue they’d like to address, and meets with experts to share expertise and research questions. They will then plan and implement a local wealth-building project, from small (i.e., a local craft market) to large (for example, working with local banks to provide more relevant and accessible financial products).

Contact Director of Social Justice Initiatives Michaela Pommells if you are interested in becoming a Resident or Expert.