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Despite the rapid spread of COVID-19 in jails, over 150 young people remain locked up in Philadelphia. Nearly half of them have been detained for months without a court date in the Juvenile Justice Services Center and the city’s adult jails. We’re demanding the city — Mayor Kenney, First Judicial District leadership, and District Attorney Krasner — act NOW to release all youth so they can be safe at home with their families and communities.

Now, thanks to our campaign partners, you can join us with just one click. Use the tool below to call your elected officials and #FreeOurYouth!

What to say when you call?

  • My name is ____ and I am calling to demand action for the safety of our young people here in PA amidst the global pandemic that is COVID-19.
  • When Philadelphia courts closed on March 17, there were 150 young people detained at the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center and 13 young people held in the city’s adult jails. Three months later, those numbers increased – by the week of June 15, it was up to 155 at JJSC and 24 young people in adult jails.
  • We are asking not only that youth are released immediately from the youth justice system to protect them, but that in this transition, they are given the necessary resources to ensure safe housing and basic medical needs are met. 
  • Youth should be at home and in with their support systems, not behind bars. 
  • We are calling on you, as well as other juvenile justice system administrators and officials to do the right thing and free our youth.


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