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Every day, The Village community faces some of the greatest challenges of our time — with the support of Village Guardians like you.

You all matter more than you know. Donate today to become a Village Guardian for the first time, or to continue your tradition of support.

Support F.A.Q.

Our amazing Guardians often inquire about in-kind donations. Here’s what we need.

  • Hygiene supplies: We stock and distribute new, unopened hygiene supplies for any students and community members in need. This includes deodorant, small-size shampoos and soaps, and tampons and pads.

  • Old hardback books: We need your old hardback books for The People’s Paper Co-op social enterprise. Our Re-entry Fellows transform them into beautiful journals, filled with handmade paper recycled from expunged criminal records.  

  • New, unused, and neatly organized art supplies: Markers, paper, bagged clay — our multimedia classrooms can use many different kinds of art supplies. The time you take to organize them is the real donation: it makes it possible for our teachers to use your supplies.

  • Fabrics (2 yards and up): Our sewing classes love donated fabrics. It is difficult to use small pieces, but if you have several yards of fabric, we’re happy to use it. Clean/pressed is ideal — again, the greatest in-kind donation of all is your time in prepping materials for us to use.

  • Things we don’t need (but we’re grateful you’re thinking of us): pianos, old computers or cameras, musical instruments in need of repair, oil paint, fabric remnants, disorganized supplies.

As with all in-kind donations, please e-mail Brenda Toler at before making any deliveries.

A Thank You Gift for Guardians

The angels created by Lily Yeh and Big Man watch over The Village year round. Now they can travel with you! This cloisonné pin features a guardian from the iconic Angel Alley mosaic. This powerful symbol of community care is our thank you to all of our Guardians, big and small.

Our Guardians in Action