It really does take a village!

-Help grow and maintain the parks and urban farm with Philly Earth
-Host a small gathering to introduce friends to The Village
-Help out at an event
-Assist in the after-school arts program
-Offer an arts workshop


Sponsor Youth Arts

Help support Village youth artmaking.

$50: sends one student on an apprentice fieldtrip
$100: buys art supplies for 6 teens
$500: helps produce a short film created by teens
$1000: helps replace outdated equipment
$2500: funds an instructor teaching 10-18 teens


Donate Supplies

Fabric, artist pencils, silk-screening ink, sketchbooks, sewing machines, digital cameras—you name it we need it. Just shoot us an email to make arrangements.


Adopt A Garden

Does your company have community service days? Adopt a garden and volunteer with us throughout the year to see the results of your teamwork!


Clap Your Hands

The Village community invites you to attend our performances, exhibits and film screenings and other festivities. Show your support for the teens by attending as an audience member—you’re sure to go home smiling. Make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter and become a fan on Facebook.