Creative Impact Studios

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Ages 10-19, Creative Impact Studios Open Courses (NON-INTERNSHIP)
Mon-Thur 3pm-6pm
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Ages 12-19, Creative Impact Studios Paid Internship Program
For students in grades 6-12 interested in Arts + Advocacy for Social Impact
Mon-Fri, 3PM-6PM
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Current Focus Areas: Digital Photography. Fashion Design, Music Production+Songwriting, Rap Technique, Vocal Performance, Clay+Ceramics, Visual Arts, Dance (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Step), Urban Sustainability – PhillyEarth

About: Creative Impact Studios is our art, education, advocacy and leadership program offered free, to youth ages 9 to 19. The program provides high-quality, arts experiences to youth in our underserved North Central Philadelphia community who would otherwise have little or no exposure to the arts. We challenge young people to discover and explore their capabilities through the arts, to develop confidence and empathy, and to focus their passion in pursuit of a better future. Teaching artists and staff meet young people where they are in their lives, find first moments of engagement and begin the process of creative expression. Students and teachers in Creative Impact Studios produce phenomenal artworks that are exhibited quarterly in showcases for more than 500 family members, friends, and Philly art lovers, and at partner venues and events hosted throughout the year.

Open Courses Youth in middle and high school can register for courses across a variety of artistic disciplines including but not limited to: Mixed Media Arts; Video Production; Comic Book Design; Creative Writing; Hip Hop Dance; African Dance; Music Production + Songwriting + Recording; Fashion Design; Urban Agriculture + Sustainability; Photography; Graphic Design; Digital Storytelling + Radio + Podcasting

Middle-school & Creative Impact Studios Internships Youth in grades 6-12 may apply for 10-week paid internships where they work in in teams with professional award-winning teaching artists to co-create arts-based work for local clients and social causes that are looking to highlight youth voices and perspectives. There are 6 main areas of focus: Music Production + Songwriting + Recording; Fashion Design; Urban Agriculture + Sustainability; Photography; Graphic Design; Digital Storytelling+Radio+Podcasting

Summer Program Creative Studios continues during summer months in the form of a summer arts intensive camp for ages 9-19. Students rotate through workshops experiencing a variety of disciplines and older teens gain valuable work and leadership experience as mentors and interns.

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Course: Music Production

Course: Fashion Design

Course: Village Clay Workshop

Course: Mixed Media

Course: Video

Course: Photography

Course: African Dance

Course: Hip Hop Dance

Course: Digital Photography

Course: Digital Photography

Course: Digital Photography