Creative Impact Studios

Creative Impact Studios is The Village’s award winning art + education + advocacy + leadership program offered after-school, to Philadelphia youth in middle and high school. The program has two main areas of activity: Open Studios and Village Industries (Paid Youth Internships.)

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Open Studios + Apply
Studio courses are offered free, M-F from 3:30-6:00pm. Youth are mentored by Philadelphia’s top professional artists, designers, performers, and builders. Youth draw on a variety of artistic disciplines to explore, create, and amplify their unique, powerful voices.

Artistic disciplines include: Digital Photography. Fashion Design, Music Production+Songwriting, Rap Technique, Vocal Performance, Clay+Ceramics, Visual Arts, Dance (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Step), Urban Sustainability – PhillyEarth, Podcasting, Game Design, and more.

Village Industries – Paid Internships + Apply
This internship program partners groups of youth with top-tier teaching professional artists to obtain, refine and advance their creative skills while producing professional-quality works for clients that seek youth input (including The Village.) Here are some frequently asked questions about Village Industries Youth Internships:

How old are youth interns?
Middle- and high school-aged youth may become Village Industries Youth Interns.

Why is this a paid internship?
We believe that youths’ creative ideas and products have value. We also believe that with a little mentorship, youth can create professional quality work that changes the way adults view the world.

How does a young person become an intern?
To become an intern, a youth complete these four steps:
1. Fill out an interest form here. We will call you within 3 days, or you can come in once you fill out the form and meet with a staff member.

2. During a two-week trial period, successfully achieve the following: show up on time for each session; master 3-5 required skills in your artistic discipline; demonstrate you ability to collaborate with your peers and artist mentors.

3. At the end of the trial period, step into your internship role, or keep working to achieve the trial period requirements. If you show the effort, we’ll keep working with you until you become an intern.

How/when are interns paid?
Youth interns are paid a stipend at the end of each session in the form check.

How often do interns meet?
Interns commit to three or five days per week, M-F, between 4-6pm. Opportunities outside designated hours will come up including contract work, field trips, and performances/exhibits, etc.

Why arts disciplines are included?
Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Music Production (Songwriting, Rap Technique, Vocal Performance, Recording,) Clay+Ceramics, Dance (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Step), Urban Sustainability – PhillyEarth, Podcasting, Graphic Design, and more.


More About Creative Impact Studios
Creative Impact Studios is our art, education, advocacy and leadership program offered free, to youth ages 9 to 19. The program provides high-quality, arts experiences to youth in our North Central Philadelphia and across the city who would otherwise have little or no exposure to the arts. We challenge young people to discover and explore their capabilities through the arts, to develop confidence and empathy, and to focus their passion in pursuit of a better future. Teaching artists and staff meet young people where they are in their lives, find first moments of engagement and begin the process of creative expression. Students and teachers in Creative Impact Studios produce phenomenal artworks that are exhibited quarterly in showcases for more than 500 family members, friends, and Philly art lovers, and at partner venues and events hosted throughout the year.


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Course: Music Production

Course: Fashion Design

Course: Village Clay Workshop

Course: Mixed Media

Course: Video

Course: Photography

Course: African Dance

Course: Hip Hop Dance

Course: Digital Photography

Course: Digital Photography

Course: Digital Photography