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PhillyEarth is The Village’s environmental education, urban farming, and youth leadership program. Through PhillyEarth’s merit-based Community Sustainability Leaders Program, 115 young people with little to no access to healthy, locally grown food or hands-on STEM education, engage in permaculture, appropriate technology, and nutrition-based activities under the mentorship of local professional leaders in the field. PhillyEarth programming promotes three core principles: EarthCare – caring for all living and non-living things, be they plant, animal, soil or water; PeopleCare – caring for one another to meet basic needs of healthy food, shelter, education, employment and social support; and FairShare – contributing time, money and energy to achieve the goals of the first two principles. PhillyEarth maintains The Village of Arts and Humanities’ nationally recognized success in innovative, arts-based vacant land transformation while welcoming and supporting young people in a creative sanctuary—a safe cultural center that fosters values of trust, care, and respect.

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PhillyEarth Candles

Young Farmers

Seedlings in Greenhouse

Solar still workshop

Building the up-cycled tool shed


New Farm Beds

Upcycled Birdhouse Project

Earthship Greenhouse Glass Bottle Art

Solar Stills

Building the Earthship

PhillyEarth's Mint and Chile Peppers go into John and Kira's Chocolates

PhillyEarth's Earthship Greenhouse

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