Project Description

TJ Dean

Senior Youth Program Manager

TJ is an experienced educator, youth organizer, and designer.

TJ Dean is the Senior Manager of Youth Organizing and Mentor Development at the Village of Arts & Humanities. His primary role is supporting systems-impacted youth in organizing the Care, Not Control campaign to end youth incarceration in Pennsylvania. He also has the pleasure to work with the Village’s amazing team of artists, supporting their development as educators in their fields. TJ comes with an abundance of experience working with young people from his years as a teacher and a Dream Director. He has a heart for justice which propelled him into community organizing work, as well as campaigns to end police brutality and to free political prisoners like Mumia Abu Jamal. TJ is an Afrofuturist, which simply put, means he believes Black people can and should create their own futures. In line with that belief he is the founder of Afrofuturist Industries LLC and owns a brand called Dope Afrofuturist to promote visions of a Black future. When he isn’t working to politically educate and empower youth around the city, he is at home with his wife LaKeisha, raising and loving their three, free Black children.

You can contact TJ at or visit his website