Project Description

Susan Smith

Susan Smith is a fine art photographer, world traveler, and happily retired lawyer and business executive. 

After retiring as a lawyer and business executive, Susan pursued several successful creative ventures including knitted accessory and multiple materials jewelry design. Eventually vision loss due to macular degeneration made those activities increasingly difficult. It was then Susan discovered that she could see through a lens. She travels extensively, and captures details not always sought by others by photographing subjects in their natural environments. She prints on a variety of surfaces including paper and metal to bring out the nuances of different images. Susan is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she has been creating craft for a lifetime.

Susan has served on The Village’s board for over a decade. A passionate gardener and landscape designer with an exceptional home garden, she was instrumental in creating The Village’s Philly Earth urban farm and nourishes our parks and gardens program with her expertise and broad network of support.