Project Description

Nandi Muhammad

Village Elder

Nandi Muhammad and her husband Khalid Muhammad are long-time community activists and educators and proprietors of the neighborhood Penny Candy Store, a safe haven for kids after school.

Since we first met Ms. Nandi through the SPACES Artist in Residence program in 2015, she has become a trusted advisor to Village staff, students and community members. She acts as a mentor for women in re-entry with the People’s Paper Co-op and is a member of the planning team for The Village’s 100 Families program. (Nandi is also an accomplished fiber artist, commissioned to create the large exhibition banners for the 2017 Philadelphia Museum of Art show Philadelphia Assembled.) 

The Elder Fellow position was created as a way to honor, support and formalize Ms. Nandi’s leadership role within The Village, and to create a pathway for other community members in the future to step into a formalized advising capacity. In this role, she attends Village staff meetings and holds regular office hours for community members and staff to consult with her at our community storefront. She hosts arts-and-crafts evenings for local families and advises Village projects as she is able. Ms. Nandi offers a unique, grounding perspective to our planning conversations, rooted in decades of community care and staying power within the community. 

Nandi’s office hours are Monday and Wednesday, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.