Project Description

Kaltoum Alibrahimi

Program Coordinator, Civic Power Studio

Kaltoum is a visual artist, educator, and community practitioner who deploys art to narratively re-center historically marginalized people and build community. 

Kaltoum Alibrahimi began at The Village as a Teaching Artist, helping support students in exploring their own stories through the lens of photography. She continues in her teaching role but also serves as a Program Coordinator for The Village in various capacities including the Civic Power Studio. As a Queer, first-generation, Moroccan-American, Kaltoum is passionate about asserting the presence of those historically marginalized in narratives by embracing the necessity of dialogue, comfort, and care between the person behind a camera, and those in front of the lens. 

While Kaltoum has studied Anthropology and Studio Arts in a formal setting, she believes the bulk of her learning has happened in community. Kaltoum strongly believes in the power of community, using photography to amplify the notion that Gwendolyn Brookes urges in reminding, “We are each other’s business; We are each other’s harvest; We are each other’s magnitude and bond.”

Her work can be found on Instagram: @kvltoum