Kenny Phillips, Student— At the Village I’m able to be myself, without fear of not being accepted. I am able to grow.

Leon Sanford, Student—I came to the Village 5 years ago looking for a job but found something more valuable-an education.

Heidi Warren, Former Managing Director—Ultimately change comes from within. Nurturing people by “feeding their spirit” is the real tool for building a just, empowered, and
visionary society.

Heidi Warren, Former Managing Director—We knew that we couldn’t solve people’s problems, but we could…create beauty that changed people’s attitudes about their neighborhoods and their neighbors.

“Big Man” Maxton, Late Community Resident and Staff Member—I love to see the little kids run and play happily at The Village through a maze of colored sculpture-filled gardens as though they were in another place and time…

“Big Man” Maxton, Late Community Resident and Staff Member—It has given me a great sense of pride to read in the newspaper and see on TV people talking about my community in relation to beauty and hope rather than drugs and death.

Elner Dawkins, Community Resident—The Village took my kids off the street, offered them a choice for the first time. If given a choice, kids will choose what’s positive.

Ester Wideman, Former Village Board Member—There are now safe places to sit. There is color and beauty and brightness where there used to be trash. If you walk through trash you feel like trash; if you walk through beauty, you feel beautiful.

Phil Laggiere
Successful grassroots
projects like The Village should be seen as crucial incubators for
social innovation.

Lily Yeh, Founder—The Village is where art and society and politics and social work are all merging into one, and this is where the arts are the skeleton and the backbone of everything we deliver.

Lily Yeh, Founder—When I see brokenness, poverty and crime in inner cities, I also see the enormous potential and readiness for transformation and rebirth.