Beginning January 15, 2014, The Village of Arts and Humanities requests proposals from individuals and collectives, for two, four-month artist residencies in cycle one of SPACES: Artist Residency at The Village.
Through SPACES, youth and families in North Central Philadelphia collaborate with resident artists to explore how the process of sharing artistic practice and engaging in meaningful exchanges of information within a community, can nurture the creation of SPACE—space to create, to dream, to build, and to transform physical landscapes.
SPACES artists will live in creatively renovated row homes in The Village Heart, a four square block area consisting of 14 art parks and nine program buildings, all woven into the existing residential and commercial fabric of the neighborhood. During each residency, artists will engage with community members through informal and Village facilitated dialogue, programs, apprenticeships, or workshops, to design and execute an original, transformative project rooted in art, born from the artists’ relationships with the community, and realized in partnership with community members.
We invite a new generation of artists to continue the Village’s legacy; one that supports and encourages students and community members to utilize artistic skill and creative problem solving in activating spaces in our neighborhood—both physical and imagined.


RFP and application released
Village tours available (highly recommended)
Deadline for applications (11:59 pm, EST)
Semi-finalist notification
Semi-finalist project budget deadline (in collaboration with Village Executive Director)
Interviews of semi-finalists
Final notification of grantees
Artist Inauguration
Cycle one of SPACES
Over the past weeks, we have received many inquiries from the creative community. To aid the proposal process, please review this collection of frequently asked questions and responses.Over the past weeks, we have received numerous inquiries from the creative community. To aid the proposal process, please review this collection of frequently asked questions and responses.
Q1: What kind of/how much interaction and integration with the community is expected?
A1: In developing your proposal, you should begin with asking a question: What problem, specific to this community, needs exploration and would benefit from an arts-based, creative solution. You should not be able to answer your proposed question without communicating, interacting, and engaging with the community itself—people and places. Discoveries made by engaging with the community will build the foundation upon which you will ultimately design and execute your project. We recognize that the RFP asks artists to submit an idea for a project, not simply an area of research. Your proposed project will serve as the framework within which you will execute your research with the recognition that the project may change during the course of your engagement with the community. Once again, we stress that the process is equally if not more important than the eventual execution.

Q2: How many hours per week is an artist required to spend on the Residency project?
A2: Your SPACES residency should be your top priority during the four month stay. During these four months, you will be embedding yourself in the community, engaging with residents, designing the project, and executing the project. That said, you’ll need all the time you have to knock this out of the park.

Q3: Do projects have to be visual arts based?
A3: No, we encourage projects based in all creative disciplines including crossover, or multi-disciplinary projects.

Q4: Can I propose a project that I have executed before in another location?
A4: If the project is relevant to this community, then yes. Please remember that this residency requires flexibility and a willingness to embrace the input or direction given by our neighbors and students. Please read the first question in this FAQ carefully before you propose your project.

Q5: Will I need to use the $10000 stipend to execute my project?
A5: No. The stipend goes directly to cover your time. The Village will fund project expenses.

Q6: Should I wait and apply to cycle two of SPACES?
A6: Cycle 1 is an open RFP process. The Village has not yet determined if Cycle 2will be by invite only, or an open process. We recommend that you apply now.

Q7: I’ve worked at The Village before, support The Village, or know current Village staff/teaching artists. Does that increase my chances of being awarded a residency?
A7: No. We will be reviewing each proposal on its own strength and merit. While we value everyone’s support of The Village as well as our own personal relationships with local and national artists, we will not factor personal relationships into the review process. Additionally, the review panel consists of a diverse group of individuals, many of whom are NOT employees of The Village.

Q8: Can I apply as an international applicant?
A8: Right now, we’re only opening the project to artists/creators currently living on the East Coast of the US. International applicants are welcome to apply if you currently live/work on the East Coast and have a visa that allows you to work in the US through the duration of the residency.

Q9: Can my family live with me during my residency?
A9: Yes, your family (spouses, partners, children, etc) can live with you, on site, during the course of the residency. While the resident houses are cool, they are the standard size of a city row home. If you are considering moving your family to The Village, we would encourage you to tour the houses and the neighborhood.

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